Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back In The Blog!

So, over the past few weeks my hardware has been giving me some issues. This is officially no longer a problem! Unfortunately, I have to post this about 8 minutes before I leave for work so the next full post won't be up until later tonight. So in the mean time, here is a little bit of advice for creative cookers.

Always experiment with your recipes. Just because chefs do this all the time, that doesn't mean we get things perfect the first time around. A lot of recipes go through a dozen or more adjustments before we are satisfied with the final product. For example, I took it upon myself one day to make a recipe for Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls. It took me 7 batches before I was satisfied with the cinnamon/maple/bacon flavor balance, and that involved a lot of different methods of conveying flavor, from maple syrup in the dough to bacon fat slathered on the dough just before rolling and cutting.

Be patient - test recipes 50 times if you have to, if you aren't entirely satisfied with your end product. Now get out there and cook damnit!


  1. I love to cook,its a very rewarding thing once you have made a delicious meal that you cooked all by yourself.

  2. I cant cook at all, but my gf does, i always ask her to cook me! :)

  3. look forward to some good stuff

  4. thanks for the advice.. i'll do some cooking today my self