Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rough days

Shorty today. Waking up at 9:30am to be at work by 10:00am, to work until 10:30pm when I can finally post. Sadly, nothing of excitement happened today except a very busy dinner service. I am excited about other things though. Fairly soon, the crew here at the restaurant (luckily that includes me), will be flying out to New York to film Iron Chef. My boss, the executive chef/owner of one of the restaurants I work at, was selected to cook on the show.

Not sure about when exactly we will fly/film, or when the episode will air, but wish us luck! I'll be sure to post again when we leave.

Today's random recipe idea - deep fried, BLT stuffed avocados. I think it'll work.


  1. wow, killer shift man, would need more than a blt after that!

  2. Too much talk about resturants, /AFK eating!

  3. sounds pretty heavy, now i'm hungry

  4. Jesus, 12 hour shifts? I'd kill myself having to do that.

  5. hey man, check out my blog.
    I check up on yours regularly :)